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Menstrual Statistics

• Around one in six people (17%) have considered leaving work due to a lack of support in relation to their menopause symptoms, and a further 6% have left work.

• 73% of employees surveyed have experienced symptoms related to menopause transition. 

• The most common symptoms reported are psychological such as mood disturbances, anxiety, depression, memory loss, panic attacks, loss of confidence and reduced concentration. These are reported by two-thirds (67%).

• Two-thirds (67%) of women (aged 40 to 60 in employment) with experience of menopausal symptoms say they have had a mostly negative effect on them at work. 

• Over half of respondents (53%) were able to think of a time when they were unable to go into work due to their menopause symptoms.

• 80% of people with Endometriosis said it had affected their mental health and 95% said it had a negative impact on their wellbeing.

• 73% of women have lied when taking a sick day due to periods due to fear of being judged by their manager.

There is still work to do to ensure that people feel supported in the workplace surrounding Menstrual Health.


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